Zachary School Board member Donnie Dykes Jr. said Wednesday he has resigned from his elected position because he recently moved out of the district he represents.

Dykes, the District 8 school board member, said he remains a Zachary resident but moved in with his new wife in a house in District 5, prompting the resignation.

The resignation was effective on Wednesday, Jan. 22, according to a Jan. 16 letter from Dykes to Secretary of State Tom Schedler.

“I am going to miss it. I hope to run again for the school board one day,” Dykes said.

Dykes ran unopposed in 2010 for the District 8 seat. His term expires at the end of 2014.

Voters will go the polls in October to fill Dykes’ seat along with all the members of the Zachary School Board who will be up for re-election. The next term will begin in January 2015.

The Zachary School Board will meet Thursdayto appoint a replacement to finish out Dykes’ term.

Dawn Avants will be appointed to the District 8 seat, according to the Zachary School Board’s Jan. 23 meeting agenda.

Dykes said Avants is a lifelong Zachary resident who will be a good choice for the spot. He said Avants will be allowed to run for the seat in October if she wants.

Avants couldn’t be reached for comment Wednesday.