ST. FRANCISVILLE - The West Feliciana Parish School Board cancelled Superintendent Hollis G. Milton’s two-year contract and gave him a new four-year deal to lead the school system.

Although the vote during Tuesday’s meeting was unanimous, two board members were critical of the way it was presented.

Board Vice President Sara Wilson-Rogers said she was unaware that board President Kevin Beauchamp and Milton were negotiating a new contract, and pointed out that his contract still had another year left before it expired.

Board member Milton Coats said he “likes to be in the loop,” but no one other than Beauchamp was aware of the contract discussions until the item appeared on the meeting agenda.

Coats also said Beauchamp should have held “small group meetings” to discuss the contract.

He did not elaborate on what he meant by small groups.

Beauchamp apologized for the way in which he presented the contract - in the meeting packets sent out last week - but said he asked board members to call him if they had questions about the contract terms.

Only Coats called him to discuss the item, Beauchamp said.

As for the timing - halfway through the current contract - Beauchamp said Milton’s request for a longer contract reflects “a man wanting to put down roots.”

The board hired Milton from the East Baton Rouge Parish system in April 2010, following the death of Superintendent Lloyd Lindsey and a little more than a year’s transition by interim Superintendent Jesse Perkins.

Beauchamp reminded the board that it had wanted to approve a three-year contract last year but members could not do so because their terms were about to expire.

Milton will be paid the same basic annual salary during the year that begins July 1 - $110,000 - but he could get raises of 1 percent to 3 percent in the second, third and fourth years, provided he meets performance goals outlined in the contract.

He also can get incentive pay of 1 percent to 3 percent of his base salary in a lump-sum payment each July, depending on whether the board believes he has met the incentive goals.