Centreville Academy announced its Who’s Who winners for 2018.

Mr. Centreville Academy is Stone Reynolds, and Miss Centreville Academy is Mary Smith Overbey.

Most Likely to Succeed are Ashton Devall and Trace LaCoste.

Most Intelligent are Ashton Devall and Trace LaCoste.

Most Athletic are Madelyn Welch and Stone Reynolds.

Most Cooperative are Mary Smith Overbey and Trace LaCoste.

Most School Spirit are Madelyn Welch and Asa Abadie.

Friendliest are Madison Dawson and Stone Reynolds.

Twelfth-grade Beauties are Madison Dawson, Ashton DeVall, Mary Smith Overbey and Madelyn Welch, and 12th-grade Beaus are Stone Reynolds and BJ Parent.

Eleventh-grade Beauties are Olivia Allen, Karlyn Dalton, Macie Miley and Madison Netterville, and 11th-grade Beaus are Daniel Vine, Cole Curry and Tyler Thomassie.

Tenth-grade Beauties are Bailey Casto, Demi DeLee, Allison Hendry and Layne Williams, and 10th-grade Beaus are Logan Longmire and Cody Baxter.

Most Beautiful is Mary Smith Overbey, with the first runner-up honor going to Madelyn Welch; second runner-up, Ashton DeVall; third runner-up, Macie Miley; and fourth runner-up, Madison Dawson.