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Image provided by Frank Kerner -- Everyone who signs up for blog updates at will receive the free e-Book '40 Ways to Save When You’re Terrible at Saving' as a 'thank you' from Pelican State Credit Union.

Pelican State Credit Union has created a new finance blog called Pelican State of Mind that launches Friday.

The family and fun sections of the blog will spotlight local communities, businesses, events and credit union members, with Pelican team members across the state highlighting food, people and happenings through their personal interactions and experiences, the release said.

“There are plenty of businesses, people and events that don’t get the attention they deserve,” said Jeffrey K. Conrad, CEO of Pelican State Credit Union. “This blog is going to be a great way for us to help highlight all of the wonderful aspects of our branch communities here in Louisiana.”

In addition, Pelican’s five nationally certified credit counselors will play a part in the finance section of the blog by providing their professional insight and opinion on a variety of topics including savings tips, life planning and frequently asked financial questions.

“We love helping our members improve their financial situation,” said Jessica Oliver, director of financial outreach. “Pelican State of Mind gives us the opportunity to go one step further and provide free high-quality financial information to millions of people who may need it.”

Everyone who signs up for blog updates at will receive the free e-book “40 Ways to Save When You’re Terrible at Saving” as a “thank you” from Pelican.

For information about Pelican State of Mind, email or call (225) 408-6339.