The East Feliciana Parish Police Jury voted unanimously Tuesday to hold a contractor to the terms of a road repair project the jury approved in May.

R.J. Daigle and Sons Inc. submitted the low bid of $1.9 million to repave and repair some 50 parish roads totaling about 43 miles but has not completed a portion of the work.

Tim Hart, a representative of the engineering firm inspecting the work for the jury, said Daigle contracted with another firm to do a portion of the project, “seal coating” some of the roads on the repair list.

Juror Sean Smith, chairman of the Public Works Committee, said the work involves coating a road surface with a thin asphalt emulsion and spreading crushed limestone over the tar.

Hart, of Professional Engineering Consultants, said the contractor is concerned about doing the work during winter weather. He said state highway specifications say seal coating only should be done when the temperature is “60 degrees and rising.”

Parish Manager J.R. Rouchon said the seal coating amounts to about $400,000 of the project cost and involves work on 14 or 15 roads.

Hart said the jury had two choices: allow the contractor to delay the work until warmer weather or hold the firm’s “feet to the fire.”

Jurors said the contractor should have taken action to finish the work if the subcontractor was not performing, and they said they were not interested in delaying the project until the spring.