During the 2014-15 school year, 188 7th-graders in East Feliciana Parish completed the “Know the Law” program through the efforts of East and West Feliciana District Attorney Sam D’Aquilla and program coordinators and presenters, Tom and Judy Sanches.

The curriculum for students at East Feliciana Middle, Silliman Institute and Slaughter Community Charter schools was understanding the basics of laws and the consequences of breaking them, Judy Sanches said.

“ ‘Know the Law’ is a program that began more than 10 years ago by the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office for middle-s chool-age children and introduces them to the Louisiana legal system in terms they can understand,” Sanches said. Is it the 10th year the program has been taught in East Feliciana.

Material is presented in a nine-chapter book that’s covered in weekly one-hour classes .

Students are given a complete written version of the program, provided by the Attorney General’s Office and the East Feliciana District Attorney’s Office, to take home as well as additional handouts .

Topics include rules of law; juvenile justice system; criminal justice system and criminal laws; civil law and responsibility; weapons, guns and fireworks; alcohol and other drugs; driving and transportation; recreation; school; and family.

The program features presentations from school administrators, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agents and others from law enforcement and legal professions.

For completing the program, each student received a T-shirt that states: “I Know the Law, Do You?”