East Feliciana 4-H members took part Saturday in the annual 4-H Cookery Contest at the old fire station in the Clinton.

The 4-H members could participate in five categories, including sugar, egg, poultry and ground beef. While the dishes were being judged, participants and their families were encouraged to walk through the Clinton Community Market in the town square. 4-H members also completed a scavenger hunt and delivered cookbooks and newsletters to vendors at the market.

The winners from the contest are:

SUGAR DIVISION: Madelyn Ray, Slaughter Charter School

EGG DIVISION: Victoria Dooley, Silliman Institute

GROUND BEEF DIVISION: Garrett Dooley, Silliman Institute

POULTRY DIVISION: Garrett Dooley, Silliman Institute.

The division winners will next compete in the Regional Cookery on April 7 in Ponchatoula.

East Feliciana 4-H thanked cookery contest judges Kaylee Blankenship, Ken Spoto and James Cupit; Delyn Lockhart for assisting at the contest; 4-H member Greer Gardner for helping to hand out cookbooks; and Clinton Mayor Lori Bell and town officials for their help and support.