Four East Feliciana Middle School students won an art contest which featured projects using litter or recyclable materials.

The contest, inspired by Earth Day on April 22, was initiated by the students’ art teacher, Nannette Egros, who is a member of Keep East Feliciana Beautiful, a local affiliate of the state’s anti-litter and community improvement organization, Keep Louisiana Beautiful, which focuses on education, enforcement, awareness and cleanups.

Egros taught a lesson about litter and its consequences on the planet, then challenged the students to collect articles of litter or recyclable materials in order to create a display.

Egros, along with KEFB Director Barbara Hebert and fellow KEFB member Beth Dawson, judged the projects.

The first contest of its kind held at the school also included making signs for KEFB, which meets in Jackson on the first Wednesday of every month.

Deontá Goss and Jalen Wesley won the “Trash Man” division, which required students make something from recyclable materials.

The “Don’t Pollute the Water” division winner was Terry Barnes, and the “Litter Bug” drawing challenge was won by seventh-grader Ivory Gibson, who also listed a few statistics.

Winners were awarded Keep East Feliciana Beautiful T-shirts, litter bags and pens.