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Carlos Sam

CLINTON — The East Feliciana Parish School Board finished one school year Tuesday with an evaluation of the superintendent and set some new policies for students in the coming year.

Board President Michael Bradford said board members gave Superintendent Carlos J. Sam an overall rating of 3.46 on a 4.0 scale, which he said equates to “outstanding.”

Bradford said Sam is doing an excellent job and is leading the school system in the right direction.

Board member Paul Kent tried unsuccessfully to delay the evaluation until after the state releases the 2015-16 school and district performance scores this fall, saying not having that information is unfair to both Sam and the board members who must rate his performance.

Bradford, however, said Sam’s contract calls for an evaluation by the July meeting.

Kent, Rhonda Matthews, Tim Corcoran and Beth Dawson voted for the delay, but they were outvoted by Edward Brooks Jr., Richard Terrell, Ron Thompson, Joyce Kent, Bradford, Mitch Harrell and Melvin Hollis. Derald Spears was absent.

The board voted to accept recommended changes to a number of official policies, many of them mandated by recent legislative action, but also a revision to the board’s “zero tolerance” policy for fighting at school.

Beginning with the start of school in August, students 14 or older who are determined to be the aggressors in fights must by arrested by law enforcement officers and removed from the campus.

Before the change, the policy mandated arrests for students 12 and older.