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Centreville Academy’s chess team members at the MAIS Chess Tournament on Nov. 1 are, clockwise from bottom left, Grayson Greene, Hollis Gunter, Ashby Schwartz, Slader Kinabrew and Lance Kinabrew.


Centreville Academy’s chess team traveled to Brandon, Mississippi, to compete in the inaugural MAIS Chess Tournament on Nov. 1.

Hollis Gunter, a senior, ranked No. 1 entering the finals. His first loss occurred in the championship game, and he ended the day ranked fourth in the state in his division.

Ashby Schwartz, a senior, and Slader Kinabrew, sophomore, ranked in the top 10 of their division.

Grayson Greene, fifth grade, and Lance Kinabrew, eighth grade, ranked in the top 15.

The team won 13 out of 21 games.