East Feliciana Parish Registrar of Voters Bobbie G. Ross offered some information about the upcoming presidential preference primary election slated for March 5.

“This is the only election our state has that is a closed party election, which sometimes causes some confusion,” Ross said in an email to The Watchman.

A statewide presidential preference primary election will be held on the first Saturday in March and every fourth year thereafter to allow the electors of each political party in the state — which has 40,000 or more registered members — to express their preference for a person to be the party’s nominee for president of the United States.

This means the upcoming election is a closed party election.

Because they each have 40,000 or more registered members in Louisiana, the Democratic and Republican parties are the only two political parties involved.

Democratic voters only may vote on Democratic candidates to be presidential nominees and for members of state and local party committees.

The same applies for Republican voters, who only may vote on candidates for the Republican presidential nominee and Republican state and local committees.

Both parties can vote for local offices and propositions if any are on the ballot.

All other voters may vote only for local offices or propositions, if any are on the ballot in their parish, Ross said.

There are no runoff elections for the Democratic and Republican offices, because a general election is held only if local offices are on the ballot and no one receives a majority vote in the primary, she said.

The last day to register to vote the 2016 Presidential Preference Primary Election is Feb. 3.

Absentee-by-mail ballots may be requested until March 1, except stationed military, civilians overseas, people who are hospitalized and sequestered juror voters, who have until March 4.

Early voting is Feb. 20-27.