The daisy chain ceremony, a long-standing Silliman Institute tradition, is much more than students receiving their class rings; it’s an exchange of the dreams, knowledge and ideals that are part of Silliman Institute’s proud heritage, Katy Hayes, Silliman alumni coordinator, said about the April 8 event.

The ceremony is symbolic for the seniors leaving Silliman and the juniors entering their last year of high school, and the rings symbolize the students’ years of dedication.

During the ceremony, as the 40 seniors took their places on the daisy chain, the 49 juniors receiving their rings vowed to seek and understand the meaning of a Silliman class ring while agreeing to uphold the standards and values of the school, Hayes said.

Following the ceremony, the seniors carried the chain and draped it over the century-old well in the courtyard on campus, where it will remain as a reminder to all who pass, that “high school is fleeting and the knowledge gained during this time is a foundation for a lifetime,” Hayes said.

The senior class includes Thomas Arnett, Sarah Bordelon, Keifer Bourgeois, Riley Breeden, Keon Brown, Sophie Bruckmeier, Olivia Bryant, Breanna Creel, Trace David, William Edwards, Clayton Gardner, Trevor Gregoire, Brian Guidry, Jesse Hall, Gavin Hausey, Melanee Hayes, Kayla Hebert, Sarah Hooge, Preslie Hornsby, Caleb Jackson, Cody Johnson, Heather Johnson, Michael Kraemer, Casey Landreneau, Benjamin LeDoux, Thomas Lemings, Weston Longfellow, Brooke May, Miranda McAllister, Mason McKnight, Joseph Milton, Ryan Moore, Danielle Pierce, Heather Soulier, Zachary Sparks, Mackenzie Stanford, Jordan Talley, Darian Tunstall, Sydney Womack and Madison Worsham.

Juniors receiving rings were Anna Armstrong, Ethan Aucoin, Michael Beauchamp, Baleigh Bellue, Dennis Berthelot, Margaret Bishop, John Cook, Christian Courtney, John Crain, Summer Dabadie, Mason D’Aquilla, Sara D’Aquilla, Michael Davidson, Jesse Delatte, William Douglas, Douglass Elkins, Morgan Gardner, Mikayla Gayle, Mark Gill, Devin Gros, David Grueber, James Gurzynski, Shelby Hancock, James Hodges, Lindsey Hooge, Fallon Hutchinson, Jacob Jackson, Mason Jones, Garrett Kelly, Zachary Kelly, Abby Kent, Tristin Landry, Tyler LeJeune, Joshua Mann, Dara Martin, Amanda Mazoch, Mary Morris, Allie Newstrom, Katherine Overland, Brooke Parent, Kaitlin Perry, Stefanee Peters, Taylor Sanders, Christopher Sanders, Brent Siebert, Brian Siebert, Abby Taylor, Madeline Trahan and Callie Venable.