The East Feliciana Parish School Board voted Tuesday to declare the 1938 Clinton High School building as surplus property and put it up for sale to the highest bidder.

A recent appraisal put the value of the two-story brick building and 1.97-acre Plank Road tract at $202,500. The board, after a lengthy discussion, decided against setting a higher minimum price for the property.

Bids for the sale will be accepted next month.

Building Committee Chairman Mitch Harrell said a local company, Pac-Tec Inc., has expressed interest in buying and restoring the building, which has not been used since the mid-1980s. The building also has a basement level.

A local organization formerly had a goal of raising enough money to renovate the property for use as a community center, but the group’s plans fell through.

Pac-Tec manufactures a variety of industrial liners, filtration materials, heavy-duty packaging and spill containment products. Its owner, Mike Schilling, wants to renovate the building for corporate offices, Harrell said.

“He’s the only one who’s ever expressed interest in the building,” Harrell said.

On another matter, the board voted 5-4 to propose a $1.1 million settlement offer to an unnamed vendor who owes outstanding sales taxes. Board Chairman Michael Bradford confirmed that the debt involves sales tax on repairs made locally to equipment used in other states.

Bradford, Rhonda Matthews, J. Curtis Jelks and Tim Corcoran voted against the settlement offer, which came after two sessions behind closed doors. Bradford said he thought the offer was too low.

Members Richard Terrell, Broderick Brooks, Joyce Kent, Paul Kent and Harrell voted for the offer. Three members were absent.

Board members also learned that Harvard University has chosen East Feliciana Middle School for a national study to determine why math scores have been rising across the country. The researchers will study changes teachers have made in the classroom.

Financial adviser Tommy LeJeune reported that East Feliciana’s Oct. 1 enrollment count increased by 41 students, compared with the Oct. 1, 2014, head count. If the increase holds for the Feb. 1 head count, the district may be eligible for additional state funds.

Part of the increase can be attributed to the Slaughter Community Charter School’s addition of its first senior class this year. The total enrollment in the parish on Oct. 1 was 2,069, including 121 prekindergarten students who are not counted in the MFP formula.