Jackson Elementary fifth-graders, equipped with pens, pocket-sized notebooks for field notes and load of questions, recently visited BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo as part of the Cub Scholars program.

The trip provided an opportunity for the school’s Cub Scholars to watch and study the animals.

They spent most of their time observing the animals that they’ve been researching for weeks, a news release from the school said.

Having already researched the golden lion tamarin, spider monkey, river otter and tiger, students spent about 30 minutes observing each animal. They learned from a resident zookeeper about endangered species and how to help protect them.

The field-learning was the culmination of a thematic reading unit, “The Making of a Scientist.”

The students read a variety of nonfiction and fiction texts about the work of scientists, and the trip to the zoo was an opportunity for pupils to apply their newfound observation skills, the release said.

They returned to their Jackson campus to write and publish research articles on their findings of the zoo animals.

“We are proud of the real world learning our fifth-grade Cub scholars are doing,” Jackson Elementary Principal Megan Phillips said. “Our fifth-graders are leaders in the school, and we’re excited to watch as they become leaders in their community as well.”

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