Megan Miller, 25, hasn’t missed a beat since her “American Idol” audition on crutches three years ago.

The Ethel native says being cut from the 2012 and 2013 seasons of “American Idol” was difficult, but she realizes receiving a golden ticket twice and making it to the Hollywood rounds in California is no small feat and something many aspiring singers only dream about.

“I worked so hard to get there and then to be cut so soon — it was very hard,” Miller said.

Continuing her dreams and aspirations of becoming a successful, full-time recording artist have never left Miller, who moved to Nashville after graduating LSU in May.

A city full of aspiring recording artists and musicians like Miller, the kinesiology major and beauty pageant queen knows that to succeed in the business, one must never give up.

“Singing is my passion. It’s my dream, and I won’t quit until I succeed,” said Miller, who appears to be doing just that.

The past few months, she’s been filming as a six-episode member of Juliette’s entourage on ABC’s “Nashville.”

Her day job includes working at a public relations and political consulting firm, and she recently completed her first summer tour.

“I traveled throughout the southeast and northeast, from Louisiana and Florida all the way up to New York,” Miller said. “Upon returning, I competed in the Miss Tennessee USA pageant as Miss Brentwood, where I was named a semifinalist. Since then, I’ve been enjoying carbohydrates and booking shows in town.”

Also, on Dec. 11, Miller released her first EP, aptly titled, “Aspire.”

“I chose that title because of its literal definition — to direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something — and how it relates to my goal this past year, which was to finally have my own music,” Miller said.

The EP contains four tracks produced and mixed by Travis Ball. Miller co-wrote two of the songs: “Trigger” with Heather Batchelor and “Only One” with Vanessa Olivarez, Karl Rybacki and Elizabeth Elkins.

“Only One” is Miller’s favorite song on the EP because, she said, it’s about her own personal experience of breaking up from a toxic relationship.

“I wanted to write a song that would make me feel better. It’s about caring for someone who is so bad for you but realizing love is not enough,” Miller admitted. “I wanted to write this to inspire people into realizing like I did: You are all you need to make yourself truly happy.” The other tracks are the stuff that good country and rock ’n’ roll songs are made of: love, heartache, redemption and going home.

On “Guessed Wrong” by Lena Stone, Taylor Watson and Rybacki, the song is about the misconception of the person you are falling for.

“Eyes Closed” by Vanessa Bransan and Rybacki is about someone who is appreciative of the big city and all that it offers, yet never forgets the small town where she is from.

“This song is a reminder to those back home that I will never forget my roots and everyone who has helped me get to where I am today,” Miller. The lyrics, ‘I never really left, always gonna know how to get back home with my eyes closed’ are very much me.”

Miller frequently returns to East Feliciana Parish to visit her parents, John and Donna Miller.

In fact, on Wednesday, she’ll be in Baton Rouge performing from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m. at Uncle Earl’s in Baton Rouge, and from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Dec. 24, Miller will sign autographs and copies of her new EP at T&T’s Liquor and Lounge, 6565 La. 19, Zachary.

“Aspire” is available digitally everywhere, including Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.