Residents of Zachary may have noticed that the old red caboose next to the train depot in the city’s Historic Village is gone.

Mayor David Amrhein said the train caboose was becoming unsafe with its rotting floors and was sold at auction recently for $9,100.

On May 13, the caboose was lifted by two large cranes onto a truck and hauled away by a Natchez wrecking company to its new home in Jackson.

Jake and Jodie Seal, of Plantation Village Studios, purchased the caboose and plan to refurbish it to use as a dining car at Mackie’s, their bar and grill on the studio lot.

A railroad caboose was used on every North American freight train until the 1980s, serving as the conductor’s office and on long routes, as accommodations and cooking facilities.

Local amateur photographer Cecil Tarver Jr. was passing by when the caboose was being removed and photographed the event.

“I couldn’t let that part of our town’s history go unrecorded,” Tarver said.

Amrhein said the funds from the sale at auction will be used for renovations at the train depot.