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From left, Slaughter Community Charter School students Jordan Whitfield, Courtney Harris, Cassie Fudge, Jonalyn Davis, Madelyn Helmke, Sara Thompson, Shawn Murphy, Mikaela Payne, Nicholas Gross, Blaze Medaries, Wesley Hayden, Cherish Fletcher, Lily Antor, Gaia Nix and Christian Wingfield, and not pictures Arlencia Carr and Peyton Ferguson, were winners in the Junior American Citizens art contest.

The Junior American Citizens, part of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, announced that eight first-place projects were chosen at the chapter level to compete at the state level. They had to win first place at the chapter level to be sent to State.

Junior American Citizens Chairman Beth Dawson received 169 entries this year, for the theme “100th Anniversary of World War I — Service on the Homefront.”

The students, from Slaughter Community Charter School, include:

LaShae Fletcher's eighth-grade class

Courtney Harris: first place, poster

Jordan Whitfield: second place, poster

Glenis Kent's ninth-grade class

Gaia Nix: first place, short story

Lily Antor: first place, poem

Cherish Fletcher: second place, poem

Shawn Murphy: first place, stamp design

Sara Thompson: second place, stamp design

Mikaela Payne: first place, poster

Arlencia Carr, Madelyn Helmke, Jonalyn Davis, Cassie Fudge: first place, group banner

Nick Gross, Wesley Hayden, Blaze Medaries: second place, group banner

Glenis Kent's 12th-grade class

Christian Wingfield: first place, poem

Peyton Ferguson: first place, stamp design