Several students in Kimberly Abadie’s and Brittany Hennigan’s classrooms at Jackson Elementary School competed in a Special Olympics bowling competition at All Star Lanes in Baton Rouge in December.

The children recited the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the national anthem as part of the opening ceremonies.

The youth competed in bowling lanes arranged by age group and ability level.

Some lanes had bumpers, others had ramps and some children required assistance, while others required none and bowled without bumpers, according to DeShonda Coleman, of East Feliciana Parish Schools.

The students did well taking turns and bowling in their own lanes with help from Special Olympics volunteers, Coleman said.

Overall, seven students competed with four finishing in first place and three earning second-, third- and fourth-place ribbons for their efforts.

“Everyone was so well-behaved. We are very proud of our athletes,” Coleman said.