Livingston Parish 4-H’ers recently gathered at Lewis Vincent Elementary School in Denham Springs to test their cooking skills in seven categories.

The 77 4-H members prepared 124 dishes for the 2016 4-H Food Festival.

During judging, LSU Agricultural Center Area Nutrition Agent Layne Langley presented an educational program on healthy living featuring MyPlate and the importance of physical fitness activities. The youth also sampled healthy foods.

Contest winners were announced that evening. First-place winners in the seafood, beef, poultry, egg, sugar and bento contests will compete at the regional 4-H cooking contest in Ponchatoula in May.

Results are as follows:

Egg cookery

APPETIZER/SALAD: first, Megan Breithaupt, Holden Elementary; second, Camille Comish, Holden Elementary; and third, Kelsey Henderson, Holden Elementary

DESSERT: first, Zachary Trawick, Holden High; second, Kaylee Babin, Lewis Vincent Elementary; and third, Raegan Stewart, Holden Elementary

MAIN DISH: first, Kylie Lutz, Frost Elementary; second, Lily Pritchard, Southside Elementary; and third, Nicholas Thompson, Northside Elementary

Sugar cookery

CAKES: first, Lauren Ellzey, Doyle High; second, Emma Wilkins, Juban Parc Elementary; and third, Avery Sylvia, Juban Parc Junior High

PIES: first, Autumn Herring, Holden Elementary; second, Macey Higginbotham, Holden Elementary; and third, McKenna Naquin, Lewis Vincent Elementary

COOKIES: first, Trawick; second, Elise Tate, Walker Elementary; and third, Kacey Breithaupt, Holden Elementary

CANDY: first, Josie Purvis, Holden High; second, Anne Marie Hebert, Lewis Vincent Elementary; and third, Jayden Bonds, Holden Elementary

Poultry cookery

CHICKEN: first, Hannah Robertson, Lewis Vincent Elementary; second, Amie Lobo, South Fork Elementary; and third, Laird May, Southside Elementary

PROCESSED POULTRY PRODUCTS: first, Allison DePriest, Albany Middle; second, Megan Hibbard, South Fork Elementary; and third, Sylvia

Beef cookery

QUICK AND EASY MAIN DISH: first, Anna Hutchinson, Holden Elementary; second, Pritchard; and third, Cali Green, Holden High

ONE DISH MEAL: first, Higginbotham; second, Comish; and third, Grace Johnson, Holden Elementary

Seafood cookery

SHRIMP: first, Madelyn Morgan, Doyle Elementary; second, Purvis; and third, Robertson

FISH/OTHER SEAFOOD: first, Thompson; second, David Dupre, Doyle High; and third, Atley Younger, South Fork Elementary

CRAB: first, Green

CRAWFISH: first, Emilee Lambert, Lewis Vincent Elementary; second, Colton Roy, Southside Elementary; and third, Shane Billiot, Juban Parc Elementary

OYSTER: first, Ian Coates, Northside Elementary; and second, Dupre

Bento box

First, DePriest; second, Hutchinson; and third, Herring

My favorite dish

OTHER: first, Londyn Fasola, Walker Elementary; second, Hebert; and third, Sylvia

GAME: first, Luke Seguin, Walker High; and second, Pritchard

DESSERT: first, Cameryn Sibley, North Corbin Elementary; second, Higginbotham; and third, Hutchinson.