Livingston-Tangipahoa community photo gallery for April 23, 2015 _lowres

Photo provided by Cindy Wagner -- Patrick Balisteri, as Jesus, standing, is surrounded by his followers and disciples, counterclockwise from left, Landyn Collins, Bella Theriot, Lawton Peltier, Kennedy Landry, Bronwyn Doan and Zachary Oglesbee, as they act out the sacrifice of the third tree, which becomes the cross of Christ, during a recent play by Holy Ghost Catholic School students in Hammond.

The first-grade students at Hammond’s Holy Ghost Catholic School held on March 31 and April 1 their annual Easter play.

The play, based on the book “The Tale of the Three Trees,” was written into a script by the first-grade teachers, and much of the music for the play was written by Dr. Gina Anthon.

Singing Anthon’s original song “Dreams, We Have Dreams” throughout the play and ending with the Lenten tune “Gethsemane,” the first-grade performers and narrators led the audience through the sacrifices of each tree. Students, dressed as trees, woodcutters, angels, the Holy Family, disciples, mourners and Jesus helped bring the story to life, a news release said.