A Livingston Parish school bus with a dozen children aboard lost a wheel on La. 43 on the morning of Jan. 20. None of the children — students from Albany upper and lower elementary schools — were injured, Superintendent John Watson said.

Bus 110 was driving south on the highway near La. 1064 about 7:45 a.m. when the rear driver-side wheel came off, Watson said. The school system is investigating what caused the breakdown, but Watson said there was no evidence the bus had been tampered with. The driver was able to keep the bus in its travel lane without running off the road or into oncoming traffic, the superintendent said.

The parish’s 285 school buses are inspected twice a year. According to Office of Motor Vehicles records, bus 110 was last inspected in October. Under “defective items” the inspector noted two rear, passenger-side tires as well as “taped seats.” A service invoice from the same month shows the improper tires were recapped. Neither of the two inspections from the previous year mention a problem with the wheel that fell off Tuesday morning.