The Hammond Regional Arts Center’s “Accalia and the Swamp Monster Drawings” art exhibition by Kelli Scott Kelley is on display through April 30 at the center, 217 East Thomas St., Hammond.

Kelley’s exhibition takes viewers on a journey through a haunted southern landscape, one populated by surreal swamp monsters, which can only be found during our nightmares after a chilling bedtime story, a news release said.

Kelley, an associate professor at the LSU School of Art, drew upon Roman mythology, Jungian analysis and the psychology of fairy tales to create “Accalia and the Swamp Monster.”

The exhibition features several of Kelley’s charcoal drawings along with mixed media works, painted and drawn on repurposed antique linens.

The works together form the basis for Kelley’s fairy tale “Accalia and the Swamp Monster,” inspired by Kelley’s research into the lore of the Louisiana swamplands.

“The fairy-tale-like story of Accalia and the Swamp Monster,” Kelley said, “is based on my own autobiography and dreams. The images in my artwork have often referenced fairy tales and fables, and so I became curious about writing a mythological narrative as a starting point for a series of artworks.”

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