The 2015 Corporate Cup race, featuring a 1-mile fun run and 4-mile race, was held Oct. 10 in Hammond.

“We had 235 participants, which has increased over last year’s event. And that increase shows the excitement and enthusiasm for the awareness of living a healthy lifestyle,” said Daryl Ferrara, chairman of the chamber’s Non-Dues Revenue Committee.

Running in honor of Spina Bifida Awareness Month, Spoga Fitness Center team scored the fastest times in the 4-mile race, earning them the 2015 Corporate Cup.

Spoga owner Jeff Day said the Spoga team ran in honor of Breighton Hamel, a 5-year-old with spina bifida who has been doing physical therapy at the fitness center. Hamel, who wears braces and walks with a crutch, led runners in the Pledge of Allegiance before participating in the 1-mile fun run surrounded by Spoga fitness trainers.

With more than 50 team members, North Cypress Fitness took the largest team award and Golden Shoe won the award for most spirit.

The top five male runners were Rod Gomez, Brandon Doucette, George Baxter, Anand Asi and Dameon Bickem. The top five female runners were Malia Cali, Jalyn McDonald, Theresa Derenbecker, Shannon Dutruch and Stacy Adams.