The Walker High School FFA chapter recently visited North Corbin, Levi Milton and South Walker elementary schools to advocate for a greener community by teaching second-graders about recycling and how to create compost bins.

The FFA members read “Michael Recycle,” about a green-caped crusader who goes from town to town teaching the townsfolk about recycling and the positive effects it has on the environment and the people living within it, a news release said.

After reading the book, the FFA members asked the second-graders what they know about recycling and other ways they can save energy, then talked about compost bins and why they are used.

The FFA members then helped the second-graders make their own edible compost bins. Each ingredient used in the bin represented a real step in the process of making a compost bin, and the students had to answer why that part was useful. The kids then had the opportunity to eat the bins they created.