Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller was the guest speaker at the most recent All Pro Dads breakfast at Hammond Westside Montessori School.

Miller congratulated the parents and grandparents in attendance for being involved in their children’s lives and listened to the parents tell the audience why they were proud of their children.

“You all are doing it right. You speak highly of your children because they make good grades and because they are good people. That is the most important thing that you said today,” he said. “We love our children unconditionally. It’s the tough times that give us the opportunity to hold our children accountable and teach them better.

“It’s important that your children get involved. Being a good student is important. Athletics is a great way to learn to be a team member. But the real important thing in life is to serve others and our community. Look for opportunities to help people. Open a door. Pick up trash. Listen to people when they need you,” Miller said.

Miller answered students’ questions about being parish president, saying it was similar to running a school. He talked about keeping roads, bridges and ditches clean, updated and safe, as well the importance of attracting new businesses and helping businesses grow.