Administrators, teachers and staff at O.W. Dillon Memorial Elementary School in Kentwood are using a variety of new ways to motivate students to do their best in all of their classes and around the school, school officials said in a news release.

Students will earn Dillon Dollars everywhere they go at school and can use these in a variety of ways as part of the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support program.

Students can purchase an item from the PBIS cart on Fridays or a reward from their teachers, the release said. The items cost 10 Dillon dollars, and students will be able to purchase the items once a week. The school gives students multiple opportunities to purchase homework passes, lunch with a teacher, the opportunity to be a library, computer lab or office helper, and more. Students must save 100 Dillon dollars if they wish to participate in the six-weeks celebration, the release said. A major office referral can keep a student from participating in any of these activities. However, students can buy back an office referral for 20 Dillon dollars and restore their good standing.

Students also will have the opportunity each six weeks to enter a raffle for a bicycle. One bicycle will be given away each six weeks. Students can earn entries by having perfect attendance for the six weeks, including no tardies or early checkouts; maintaining a GPA of at least 3.0 for the six weeks; and by not having office referrals for the six weeks.

Students can receive all three entries if they meet all three qualifications, the release said.