April is Financial Literacy Month, and Southeastern Louisiana University’s Livingston Parish Literacy and Technology Center and the Louisiana Council for Economic Education are joining forces to host a Family Financial Literacy Night.

The free event, set from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, April 30, will include activities designed to appeal to community members of all ages, a news release from SLU said.

“From a puppet show and crafts for the little ones; fun presentations for tweens and teens on budgeting and saving; how money works presented in English and Spanish; financial aid guidance and resources for families of college-bound students; to information on identity theft, investment and retirement planning; home ownership and small-business considerations; programs for entrepreneurs; money matters for couples; classroom resources for educators; and much more, everyone can take away something,” Literacy and Technology Center Director Joan Gunter said.

Louisiana Council for Economic Education President and CEO Laura Smith said LCEE focuses on helping educators impart principles of personal finance in innovative and engaging ways, crossing content areas and meeting grade-level standards.

“Far too many students in Louisiana leave school unprepared or underprepared to handle their financial futures,” Smith said. “This impacts their lives in myriad of ways, living in debt, unrehearsed for financial emergencies, suffering the long-term effects of blighted credit. … All of these potential pitfalls can destroy families and futures.

Livingston Parish public and private schools are invited to participate in a Financial Literacy Poster Contest called “Dollars & $en$e: Smart Choices for YOUR Future.” Entries will be hung at the Literacy and Technology Center, 9261 Florida Blvd., Walker, throughout May. The Arts Council of Livingston Parish will adjudicate the contest, announcing the winner at the April 30 event. Visit www.southeastern.edu/money or call Gunter at (225) 665-3303.