Winners of the annual Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival – Strawberry Day in the Park Bake-off on March 16 were:

Overall winner: Shirley Stanga, Strawberry Surprise Cake.

Strawberry Cake: First place, Shirley Stanga; second place, Debbie Edwards; third place, Patsy Kraft.

Strawberry Jelly/Jam: First place, Debbie Edwards; second place, Rose Ward; third place, Elizabeth Cleaver.

Strawberry Pie: First place, Elizabeth Cleaver; second place, Patsy Kraft; third place, Margaret Dakota.

Strawberry Muffin/Loaf/Cookie: First place, Geraldine Wright; second place, Margaret Dakota; third place, Elizabeth Cleaver.

Strawberry Miscellaneous: First place, Debbie Edwards, shrimp/strawberry Salad.

Other Strawberry DessertS: First place, Shirley Stanga, strawberry cheesecake; second place, Craig Jones, chocolate-dipped and stuffed strawberries; third place, Josh Motichek, strawberry bread pudding.