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Photo provided by Michelle Hutson -- The Walker High School powerlifting team, gathered Dec. 19 at the Abbeville Invitational, includes, front from left, coach Skylar Thibodaux, Alexis McCarthy, Bree Hutson, Katie Starns, Lorna Brooks and Alyssa Farman; and back, T.J. Taylor, Joel Hughes, Brandon Racca, Austin Craig, Alex Brady, Peyton Garon, Clarke Turner and coach James Roberts.

The Walker High School powerlifting team competed Dec. 19 at the Abbeville Invitational.

The boys team scored 35 points overall, and the girls scored 13 points as a team.

Individual results are as follows:

BOYS 148S: Senior Brandon Racca placed second (squat 315; bench 195; dead 405; total 915).

BOYS 165S: Junior Austin Craig placed first (squat 355; bench 215; dead 380; total 850).

BOYS 198S: Freshman Blake Lancaster placed fifth.

BOYS 220S: Junior Peyton Garon placed first (squat 365; bench 245; dead 465; total 1,075). Senior Joel Hughes placed second (squat 345; bench 245; dead 460; total 1,050).

BOYS 242S: Senior Clarke Turner placed first (squat 405; bench 250; dead 480; total 1,135).

BOYS 275S: Sophomore Alex Brady placed third (squat 315; bench 170; dead 350; total 835). Freshman T.J. Taylor placed fifth.

GIRLS 105S: Sophomore Katie Starns placed third (squat 95; bench 50; dead 145; total 290).

GIRLS 114s: Sophomore Alexis McCarthy placed third (squat 135; bench 70; dead 165; total 370).

GIRLS 148S: Sophomore Bree Hutson placed third (squat 165; bench 100; dead 215; total 480). Sophomore Lorna Brooks placed fifth.

GIRLS 165S: Freshman Alyssa Farman placed third (squat 175; bench 90; dead 225; total 490).