To increase student achievement, improving teacher effectiveness is essential. With this in mind, Amite High School’s new administration introduced teachers to its rigorous professional development framework, a news release from the school said.

The framework is a multifaceted, strategic plan for growth and reform campuswide. The program stresses teacher responsibility and accountability and ensures a vested interest and connection to the new vision of Amite High School. Teacher collaboration is the heart of the framework, as teachers in the same subject area meet during their planning periods for three consecutive days, the release said.

The primary goal of each of the teachers’ lessons is to bridge the gap between content and real-life application, the release said. The professional development framework will ensure that AHS teachers fulfill this goal.

The framework ensures that planning starts with the end in mind. Based on Common Core State Standards, teachers determine what students will master by the end of the week. They begin by first creating a rigorous, CCSS-aligned assessment of the week’s standards and objectives, to be given the following Friday.

Monday’s cluster focus consists of creating the assessment. On Tuesdays, teachers focus on analyzing quantitative and qualitative data from the previous Friday’s assessment to determine what standards and objectives the students have or have not mastered. After analyzing the data, Wednesday’s cluster focus consists of the actual planning and writing of the next week’s lessons based on students’ needs, the release said.

Teachers will provide instruction to students use various thinking methods. Curriculum Specialist Renee Carpenter coaches teachers and provides advice to create assessments, and helps them interpret data and write lesson plans, the release said.

Lesson plans are due by Thursday afternoon and are reviewed by the leadership team. The team evaluates the plans based on the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching rubric, Common Core State Standards and literacy standards, the release said. The team then meets with individual teachers on Friday to show them how they can improve the lesson plans and implement focused and rigorous lessons.