Photo provided by DANA MCLIN -- Senior Demi Wells collects jeans for Amite High School's 'Teens for Jeans' donation box for the Teens for Jeans drive, which runs through Feb. 6.

Amite High School senior Demi Wells created the “Teens for Jeans” campaign, an organized drive to collect jeans for disadvantaged teens.

Wells found the idea from, a website that provides ways to help others in need, a news release from Amite High School said. The campaign is sponsored by the clothing store Aeropostle, the release said.

“The Teens for Jeans campaign encourages teens to donate jeans they no longer wear,” Wells said. “It’s about how jeans in their closets can help the homeless or those in need.”

Wells started the drive at Amite High School, First United Methodist Church of Amite and Strawberry Castle Preschool in Ponchatoula, the release said. The drive, which started Jan. 12, runs through Feb. 6.

Wells has placed donation boxes at each site. At Amite High, each grade level has a designated box, and additional boxes are in the teachers’ lounge and the office.

“I am really, really impressed by the support Amite High students have shown already,” Wells said.

Wells will be entered in a drawing for a $10,000 scholarship. Additionally, Amite High School is entered in the Aeropostle national school competition for a $5,000 grant.

After the jeans are collected, Wells will deliver them to the Mandeville Aeropostle store. Aeropostle will then distribute the jeans by donating them to local charitable organizations, such as St. Vincent DePaul, the release said.

Those interested in donating jeans can drop them in the donations boxes at Amite High, First United Methodist Church of Amite or Strawberry Castle Preschool in Ponchatoula. All sizes are needed.