Young science enthusiasts gathered for a meeting of the minds — and a little fun — March 7 at the Watson Library Branch’s Science Saturday.

Adam Hawkins’ reason for bringing his daughter to event, which enabled youths to create, predict and craft science experiments, was simple: “She loves science, and in this parish, they don’t get any science in kindergarten, so it’s really nice to bring her here so she can get some exposure to science.”

The young Watson residents and other youths engaged in Science Saturday, an event designed to enhance their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math — better known as STEM — skills and make new friends.

Children, ages 5 to 11, who crafted their own markers, mixed a variety of liquids to create their markers’ colors. Before completing the mixing process, each child predicted what color their mixed liquids would be, said program coordinator Lesley Campbell.

“They’re learning graphing skills,” Campbell said. “They are also making predictions on their experiment and recording observations.”

After creating their markers, children drew rectangular prisms, cubes and other shapes, blended colors and connected snap circuits.

Campbell said the activities are helping to build a skill set.

“We like the STEM and STEAM aspects of it. STEM is science, technology, engineering and math, and with STEAM you throw the arts in, as well,” she said. “This type of program allows them to get a lot of hands-on experience with science. They get technology with the computer, engineering with the snap circuits, art with the markers and math skills from measuring on the side of the cylinders.”

“She enjoys science, so she wanted to do an experiment today,” said Erica Rodriguez, of her daughter, Shea Rodriguez. “She does experiments at home, and she actually wants to be a veterinarian.”

Jackie Razo attended the event with her husband and daughter, Miranda Mendoza, and said the science concepts could help her daughter with future subjects.

“She wants to be a teacher,” Razo said. “She always likes to see and explain to other people what’s happening.”

Campbell said she offers activities to children without stopping to think if it’s appropriate for their age or gender.

“You throw stuff at kids and see what sticks,” she said. “I don’t necessarily think, ‘Oh well, they’re too young for that’ or ‘Oh, that’s a boy thing,’ or ‘That’s a girl thing.’ ”

Campbell said she maintains an open-minded philosophy when planning Science Saturdays, just as she’s done when planning learning activities for her and her daughter.

“We’ve always done early literacy and math, as well, because everybody reads to their kids, but who does math with kids? I’ll throw everything at her, and whatever she likes, she likes,” Campbell said.

The Watson library hosts Science Saturday every first Saturday of the month.

For information about these and other events, call (225) 664-3963.