Hammond Westside Elementary Montessori fifth-grade teacher Becky Tobin facilitated a math talk lesson with her students using the Socratic circle on Nov. 2, with several math teachers from the school observing, a news release said.

The lesson was done in three days. The original lesson:

DAY 1: Students solved word problems using the RICE strategy. Each group of four students represented one assigned problem on the poster. Each student had a specific role when creating the poster: restating the question, illustrating the problem, calculating or explaining. Posters were displayed in the classroom for later reference.

DAY 2: One student from each group entered the Socratic circle to discuss the first word problem. Students interacted with each other to discuss answers and strategies used to solve problems. Students made comments such as, “I agree/disagree with your answer because …,” “one-tenth of a dollar is a dime and one-hundredth of a dollar is a penny; therefore, one-tenth is more than one-hundredth” and “How did you get that answer?” After five minutes, a different student from each group rotated to the circle to discuss the next problem.

DAY 3: The teacher created a smartboard file using pictures of the student posters. A whole class discussion took place to check work for accuracy and discuss strategies.