Photo provided by DARREN BLEVINS -- Mauri Collier shows off her new air conditioner installed by Showing Moms a Little Love, or SMALL, a new nonprofit organization that helps single mothers with maintenance needs.

Darren Blevins, of Livingston, knows all too well the struggles of raising children alone.

“I’m a single dad and quite often it is hard,” Blevins said. “So being a single mom has to be just as hard.”

After seeing the need for help with maintenance problems among single mothers in the community, Blevins got to work helping single moms make repairs to their homes.

To get the word out and support from volunteers and businesses, Blevins started the nonprofit organization, Showing Moms a Little Love, or SMALL.

Blevins has helped with single mothers with everything from air conditioner repairs to tree removal.

“There is enough challenges in our life that we must deal with our children without having to stress over maintenance issues,” Blevins said. “This is a way to give back and not only show the moms but the kids, too, what real men are suppose to do.”

Blevins, who also is chairman of the board for Women Outreaching Women, started the group six months ago and has already leveled a kitchen for one single mother, replaced an exterior door for another and upgraded doorways to be handicap accessible.

While he does most of the repairs himself, volunteers help him, depending on the size of the repair, he said. Just recently, he and volunteers removed a tree that had fallen on the home of a single mother.

Blevins said, in addition to word of mouth, he’s trying to promote the organization through their Facebook page and hopes to increase its number of followers.

For Mauri Collier, the organization, which installed a new air conditioner in her home, provided much more than a comfortable environment during the hot summer months, but restored her hope in humanity.

“It makes me feel great that there are still people out there willing to help people in need,” said Collier, a single mother who lives with her son Gabriel, 14, and her mother.

“The work being done by this group is so wonderful and encouraging,” Facebook follower Ronda Brownlow said. “I was a single mom for 12 years and now my daughter has been one for five years.”

In addition to spending his own money on repair supplies, area businesses have stepped up to donate to the cause, he said.

Single mothers who need assistance can visit!/pages/Showing-Moms-A-Little-Love/1423238987942546?sk=timeline or call (225) 337-6238.