Jennifer Stewart’s Spanish I students recently held “Market Days” at North Corbin Junior High School in Walker, using their Spanish-speaking skills to role-play the traditional customs of a Mexican market.

To prepare for the event, the students practiced vocabulary and made props for their wares.

“It was so much fun and made learning easier because the words stuck in my head,” student Ashleigh Smith said.

Students played the role of either a vendor or a buyer and used their skills to get the best deal on items typically found at an outdoor market. Each student had 350 pesos, or about $20, and had to purchase items using the least amount of money.

“It was cool. I felt like I was in Mexico. It was cool to bargain because we don’t really do that here except in a pawn shop,” Laban Duffy said.

Among the items the Spanish I students brought in to sell were fruit, flowers, chips and candy.

“The students were really into the lesson,” Stewart said. “They were having fun being competitive to see who could make the most money or buy the most items with their pesos. They were able to experience Mexican culture right here at home.”