Third-grade students have a better grasp on Louisiana history following lessons about the state and a cumulative event that followed Friday.

Students sang songs and listened to the history of their state from guest speakers during Cajun Day.

Third-grade teacher Cheryl Lass has been hosting the event at Seventh Ward Elementary School in Denham Springs for 24 years.

“It’s the ABCs of Louisiana,” Lass said about the lessons leading up to Cajun Day, an event during which parents are invited to visit Louisiana exhibits, such as a beekeeper, Ms. Baton Rouge and more.

Lass said the lessons follow the third-grade curriculum, which concentrates on Louisiana.

Students learned about the numerous Louisiana festivals, the state dog, the state insect and created mosaics of numerous Louisiana symbols, including the fleur-de-lis.

Elizabeth Digirolamo, the mother of Eli Digirolamo, 9, said the event “opens their eyes up to what holds representation for the state.”