Livingston-Tangipahoa community photo gallery for Nov. 26, 2015 _lowres

Photo provided by Delia Taylor -- Melissa Knaps’ 2015-16 kindergarten class at North Corbin Elementary School in Walker includes, front from left, Timothy White, Layla McCallister, Hayden Hopkins, Bayleigh Compton, Treston Vinet and Caleb Lee; middle, Weston Sykora, Orey Spencer, Kamdyn Harvey, Grace Martin, Colt Turner, Kayleigh Honeycutt and Tristan Brewer; and back, Knaps, Cody Cooper, Payten Rice, Andrew Aguillard, Leroy Johnson, Taylor Graham, Noah Olds, Preston Bowman and student teacher Courtney Hutchinson.

The Livingston-Tangipahoa Advocate’s Spotlight Classroom this week is Melissa Knaps’ kindergarten class at North Corbin Elementary School in Walker. The students were asked:

  • What is your favorite time of the school day and why?
  • ANDREW AGUILLARD: “I like recess because I can do all the cool tricks I’ve learned, like climb the pole.”
  • PRESTON BOWMAN: “I like play time because I love playing.”
  • TRISTAN BREWER: “I like play time because I want to play.”
  • JAMIE CARSON: “I like to play at recess because it is fun.”
  • BAYLEIGH COMPTON: “I like centers because it takes up some time.”
  • CODY COOPER: “I like P.E. because I get to go outside.”
  • TAYLOR GRAHAM: “I like center time because it is fun.”
  • KAMDYN HARVEY: “I like P.E. because we play different games.”
  • KAYLEIGH HONEYCUTT: “I like nap time because we get to sleep.”
  • HAYDEN HOPKINS: “I like building block because I can make cool stuff.”
  • LEROY JOHNSON: “I like lunch because it is good.”
  • CALEB LEE: “I like going to lunch because of my chair.”
  • GRACE MARTIN: “I like center time because I can play.”
  • LAYLA MCCALLISTER: “I like numbers because they’re fun to learn.”
  • NOAH OLDS: “I like to play at school because I just want to do that.”
  • PAYTEN RICE: “I like centers so I can build blocks and play with Noah.”
  • OREY SPENCER: “I like center time because I get to play with toys.”
  • WESTON SYKORA: “I like taking a nap so we can get more energy.”
  • COLT TURNER: “I like recess because I get to play with my friends.”
  • TRESTON VINET: “I like learning letters because they’re ABC s.”
  • TIMOTHY WHITE: “I like to play with the toys.”