Classroom Spotlight: North Corbin Elementary School first grade _lowres

Photo provided by Delia Taylor -- Kristi Lemoine’s 2015-16 first-grade class at North Corbin Elementary School in Walker includes, front from left, Elyse Armstrong, Caden Carney, Madelyn Taylor, Karson Wheat, Rylie Rickards, Kaston Collins, Brianna Martin, Shane Bowlin and Georgia Dunn; and back, paraprofessional Donna Bodden, Dre’Dyn Golmond, Skylar Downing, Kayleigh Cooper, Brayden Ganey, Journie Guilllotte, Lemoine, Bryson Robinson, Kaden Tucker, Bryson Horne, Skyler Brewer, Kansas Barragan, Patrick Reicks and Title I contract tutor Brandi Hoyt.

The Livingston-Tangipahoa Advocate’s Spotlight Classroom this week is Kristi Lemoine’s first-grade class at North Corbin Elementary School in Walker. The students were asked:

  • What is your favorite time of the year and why?
  • ELYSE ARMSTRONG: “Christmas, because I get presents.”
  • KANSAS BARRAGAN: “Winter. It’s my birthday and I like to eat cake.”
  • SHANE BOWLIN: “Halloween. We get to go trick-or-treating.”
  • SKYLER BREWER: “Winter, because my birthday is in the winter.”
  • CADEN CARNEY: “Christmas. I get toys and sometimes you see animals hibernating. It is so cute.”
  • KASTON COLLINS: “Summer. It is my birthday and we get to go swimming.”
  • KAYLEIGH COOPER: “Christmas. I like to get presents.”
  • GEORGIA DUNN: “Mardi Gras. We get to go to parades.”
  • BRAYDEN GANEY: “Christmas, because I get presents.”
  • DRE’DYN GOL MOND: “Thanksgiving. I like ham with the juice on it.”
  • JOURNIE GUILLOTTE: “Christmas, because it’s God’s birthday.”
  • BRYSON HORNE: “Christmas, because we celebrate God’s birthday.”
  • BRIANNA MARTIN: “Spring. Flowers are blooming.”
  • PATRICK REICKS: “Summer. We go swimming.”
  • RYLIE RICKARDS: “Christmas, because we celebrate God’s birthday and I love God, that’s why.”
  • BRYSON ROBINSON: “Winter, because my birthday is in the winter.”
  • MADELYN TAYLOR: “Christmas — it’s Jesus’ birthday.”
  • KADEN TUCKER: “Christmas. We get presents.”
  • KARSON WHEAT: “Christmas. You get presents.”