More than 100 employees who have worked at Options in Hammond for five or more years were honored at the non-profit agency’s Employee Appreciation Luncheon on June 18 at Middendorf’s restaurant.

“I am so thankful for each and every person for their passion and commitment to help people with disabilities live and work in the community,” Options CEO Sylvia Bush said. “Year after year, this outstanding group of employees works hard, and they are making an amazing difference. I am extremely proud of them.”

Bush also was among those honored, for serving 35 years as the agency’s CEO.

The annual event was sponsored by Dr. Claude and Judy Nesser, of K-Team Printing and Imaging, and hosted by Karen and Horst Pfeifer at Middendorf’s restaurant.

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Employees honored but not pictured are Sandra Pines, 23 years; Yelonda Jackson, 18 years; Elizabeth Treadwell, 18 years; Jessie Robertson, 17 years; Margaret Myles, 15 years; Cecile Starr, 15 years; Charles Dawson, 14 years; Gail Francois, 14 years; Yvonne Butler, 12 years; Nichole Wren, 12 years; Bettye Richardson, 11 years; Johnny Hughes, 10 years; Sandra Spitale, 10 years.

Also, Annette Baudoin, nine years; Shauna Latin, nine years; Shywanda Long, nine years; Lakeisha Robertson, nine years; Patricia Sexton, nine years; Yvonne Coleman, eight years; Melissa Dalon, eight years; Pinkie Davis, eight years; Lakesha Pines, eight years; Estelle Taylor, eight years; Renee Thomas, eight years; Josie Woolridge, eight years; Deadra Dangerfield, seven years; Teka Ecby, seven years; Steve Haddox, seven years; Cynthia Showers, seven years; Brookilyn Sibley, seven years.

Also, LaTasha Allbritton, six years; Cynthia Billiot, six years; Anetreca Dokes, six years; Johnnie Jones, six years, Roxanna McGee, six years; Linda Muse, six years; Leslie Solomon, six years; Donna Walker, six years; Mary Barnes, five years; Shantel Barze, five years; Latarsha Berry, five years; Tochisha Best, five years; Keiwania Irving, five years; Martha Mitchell, five years; Shirley Scott, five years; Debbie Shilling, five years; Tamara Woods, five years.