Hammond High Magnet School Torbotics Team 2080 has begun the 2015 season and wants people to attend the robot reveal from noon to 2 p.m. Feb. 14 at HHMS, 45168 River Road.

Students have been working on a new challenge called Recycle Rush, a news release from HHMS said. This year’s challenge is to build a robot that can pick up and stack trash bins as high as possible, the release said. Team members have been using recycled parts and materials to build the robot in hopes of winning this season’s upcoming competitions.

HHMS Torbotics Team 2080 will take it on the road to Perry, Georgia, later this month to compete in the Georgia Southern Classic competition. Follow up competitions later in the season will be in New Orleans, and the students have big hopes to compete in the first World Championship again in St. Louis, the release said.

“The mission of the Torbotics Team is to inspire students and communities to engage in science, technology, engineering and math by providing programs that expand their interest and knowledge in these fields,” said Colin Gaydos, First Torbotics Competition member. Because of the rise in popularity of this program, Torbotics Team 2080 at HHMS has expanded this year and is made up of three levels of teams starting with a ninth-grade freshman team that learns initial engineering concepts in hopes of moving up to the 10th grade First Tech Challenge team that focuses on programming, the release said.

Juniors and seniors work within the scope of the First Robotics Competition team and actually build the robots to use in the competitions.

“This year looks to be our best year yet,” said Brody Stevens, senior chairman’s committee member. “The team is ahead of schedule on the robot build and is making final preparations for our Chairman’s presentation.”

Catherine Cangelosi and Kyle Eleser, Chairman’s Committee members said another Chairman’s award in February will guarantee a bid to the World Championship and is a main goal of the committee, the release said.

Information on the program and on the Torbotics Summer camps can be found at www.torbotics2080.org.