Band to raise money for church sound system _lowres

Photo provided by Redemption Family -- Redemption Family Band members, from left, Travis Schroeder, Kris Hill, Andrew Stoner, Barry Carpenter, Nina Schultz and Jordan Beard will be playing at Wholly Grounds Coffee in Walker on Friday to raise money for a new PA system for Vieux Carre Baptist Church in New Orleans.

The Redemption Family is performing at 7 p.m. Friday at Wholly Grounds Coffee in Walker to raise money for a new public address system for Vieux Carre Baptist Church in New Orleans.

Vocalist and guitar player Kris Hill said the fundraiser idea was sparked while checking up on the French Quarter church.

“I was in a bicycle club with some of the members at the church, and I was just asking how they were doing,” Hill said. “They mentioned that they were looking into getting a new PA system. They’re doing so many awesome things for the community down there, and I was like, ‘You know, you guys have been awesome, and we want to help y’all out.’ ”

Vocalist and mandolin player Barry Carpenter has a special understanding for why a band needs a good sound system to perform music.

“I work at a church and manage sound systems and tech, so I feel pretty passionately about this subject,” Carpenter said. “I think it plays a huge part in communicating effectively to people. If people can’t hear you, then what you’re trying to say is lost.”

Vocalist Nina Schultz said that although the band isn’t raising money for itself, it is still benefiting from the endeavor.

“On the outside looking in, it might not look like we are benefiting individually from this fundraiser, but truthfully, any time one member of the body of believers is lifted up, we all benefit,” Schultz said.

Redemption Family, a south Louisiana band, started five years ago and is made up of members from different church backgrounds.

“The name means it all to us: We are a giant family, and we believe in bringing everyone together and getting to that core meaning of being a family,” Hill said. We don’t just view the band as a family; we view the fans that way, too. We call them extended family.”

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the night begins with a performance by Vieux Carre, and afterward, Redemption Family will take the stage.

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