Mayor Wanda McCoy and town leaders visited North Tangi Head Start before the Christmas break to distribute boxes of toys for each child at the school.

Each year, the town of Roseland holds its annual toy drive at the town hall to collect toys and donations for the project, a news release from Roseland Town Hall said.

“The kids squeal with surprise, happiness and appreciation for these wonderful toys being gifted here today,” school staff member Amy Pickering said. “Our principal, Pinky Gordon, works throughout the year with town officials to assist area students in many different ways. This is an amazing and kind thing for the town and it’s citizens to do for these children each year. It really makes a difference to them. Santa is here and everyone is wild with the Christmas spirit.”

“Almost 200 toys were distributed to the children and it would not have been possible without the kindness and support of the people of Roseland and special donations by American Sports Service and their employees,” McCoy said.

“I am so grateful and proud of the support we get each year. Our town aldermen, employees and citizens are truly, genuinely good people to work so hard on this project. We were able to provide gifts for all the kids in the entire school. That is quite an accomplishment. It’s what we should all do for Christmas, make it brighter and more magical for the little ones.”

“Anyone seeing the faces of these kids as they received their toys would be inspired to increase their participation for next year’s toy drive,” McCoy said.