Filming for the 16th year of the Talented Theatre movie project will start Oct. 21, Project Director Charley Vance said.

“At the conclusion of this year’s movie project, the Talented Theatre students at Amite and Sumner high schools will have created 48 movies about social problems facing high school students,” he said.

The students determine the stories for the movies during screen treatment sessions conducted in the spring. Vance writes the screenplays during the summer and rehearsals begin when school starts.

One of this year’s movies, “Win,” is a political satire about the state of election campaigns in America.

The Hunt is a comedy about a scavenger hunt between the math club and the cheerleaders, which explores letting go of grudges.

The third is movie is titled “Acting.” It is a story within a story using the staging of “To Kill a Mockingbird” to teach a lesson about tolerance.

The Sumner High School Talented Theatre class includes Maggie Applewhite, Alexis Biandolillo, Katherine Davis, Marla Sheridan, Alex Williams, Carlee Applewhite, Carl Briggs, Sidney Polezcek, Katie Fontenot, Jessica Rush, Alexis Verberne, Sabrina Walker, Raelyn McDaniel, Jayde McElveen, Morgan Goings, Emily Phelps, Reanne Roberts, Brooke Montreuil, Jessica Williams, Reanna Gill, Makayla Taylor, Hope Brister, Olivia Pereda, Jackson Latner, Kyle Primes and Lee Verret.

The Amite High Talented Theatre class includes Trey McCray, Kasey Evans and Dominique Pitts.

Vivid Video films and edits the movies. Bobbie Levy, James Bass and Will Vance create original music for the movies.

Featured in this year’s movies are local actors Donna Gay Anderson, Ed Hoover and Larry Gray, along with New Orleans-based actors Shanna Forestall and Sharon London.

A World Premiere of the movies will be held the last week in January. Following the premiere, the movies will be shown in the schools, broadcast on a local access cable channel and posted on the Internet.

Funding for the movie project comes from the Louisiana Division of the Arts, administered by the Greater Baton Rouge Arts Council, Baton Rouge Credit Bureau, administered by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, AT&T of Louisiana, First Guaranty Bank, Florida Parishes Bank and fundraising activities by many of the schools in the Amite and Sumner school districts.