Members of the Denham Springs High School Class of 2014 rode trucks, ATVs, scooters, go-carts, horses and tractors down Yellow Jacket Boulevard before the start of school Thursday morning during the annual Parade of Seniors.

The deep-rooted tradition was already in place when math teacher Christine “Chris” McCleary began teaching at the school 17 years ago, although back then the students simply drove the alternate modes of transportation to the school, she said.

“Over the last decade, its turned more into a parade, with the seniors meeting up with their odd vehicles and parking the regular ones at Immaculate Conception Catholic church about a mile away,” McCleary said. “They dress up and decorate the vehicles.”

The theme for this year’s parade was everything safari, she said, adding that not every graduating class creates a theme.

Police directed traffic between the church and the school for about 15 to 20 minutes while parents of seniors and other students stood along the street to cheer them on.

“Once they enter the student parking lot they just circle the perimeter over and over until our principal tells them to park and go to class,” McCleary said.