Livingston-Tangipahoa community photo gallery for Jan. 7, 2016 _lowres

Photo provided by Delia Taylor -- Leah Stewart’s third-grade class at North Corbin Elementary School in Walker includes, front from left, Heidi Chamberlain, Tristyn Leiva, Lillie McLavy, Caitlin Mayeaux, Ava Daigle, Todd Gibson and Grant Scott; middle, Adryanna Arledge, Andrew Hutchinson, Rhoby Graham, Sara Mire, Madison Vulgamore, Morgan Gill and Dakota Poché; and back, Title I contract tutor Wendy Reed, Jamyria Kinchen, Haley Collins, Caiden Weidus, Carson Ray, Kameron Hagan, Hannah Wascom, Braxton Whitesell and Stewart.

The Ascension Advocate’s Spotlight Classroom this week is Leah Stewart’s third-grade class at North Corbin Elementary School in Walker. The students were asked:

  • If you could create a robot, what would you want it to be able to do?
  • ADRYANNA ARLEDGE: “Paint my nails.”
  • HEIDI CHAMBERLAIN: “Help me with homework so I can make straight A’s for my dad.”
  • HALEY COLLINS: “Do my homework and chores.”
  • AVA DAIGLE: “Do my homework for me.”
  • TODD GIBSON: “Clean up my room.”
  • MORGAN GILL: “Help people and not hurt people.”
  • RHOBY GRAHAM: “Do all my work at school.”
  • KAMERON HAGAN: “Have laser eyes.”
  • ANDREW HUTCHINSON: “Transform into a bike.”
  • JAMYRIA KINCHEN: “Do gymnastics.”
  • TRISTYN LEVIA: “Do my chores.”
  • GIOVANI LOPEZ: “Give wishes.”
  • CAITLIN MAYEAUX: “Play with me.”
  • LILLIE MCLAVY: “Do my homework and chores.”
  • SARA MIRE: “Do acrobatics because I can’t.”
  • DAKOTA POCHÉ: “Transform into a motor-powered motorcycle.”
  • CARSON RAY: “Fly really high.”
  • GRANT SCOTT: “Jump and play.”
  • MADISON VULGAMORE: “Transform into a cat that could do tricks.”
  • HANNAH WASCOM: “Do all of my chores.”
  • BRAXTON WHITESELL: “Fly me anywhere I want to go.”
  • CAIDEN WEIDUS: “Fight in the Army of the USA.”