Candidates vie for four Livingston council seats _lowres

Marshall Harris

Livingston Parish Councilman Marshall Harris qualified last week as a candidate for re-election in District 4, seeking his sixth term on the council.

Harris, a Republican, announced his candidacy, saying “the future looks great for Livingston Parish and its residents.”

Harris has been employed with Ferguson Pipe for more than 35 years, which he said “provided me with valuable experience to use in dealing with these issues and has uniquely qualified me to serve as parish councilman.”

“Since I began serving as parish councilman, I have seen big changes to our community,” he said. “With the support of the voters, and the cooperation of the state, municipal, and parish elected officials, Livingston Parish has experienced tremendous improvements in its infrastructure, government services and the quality of life of its residents.”

He pointed to several improvements in the area throughout the years, adding that some of the improvements “have not come without controversy and disagreement.”

“Councilmen are stewards of the public tax dollars, and it is each councilman’s duty and obligation to raise questions if he or she is not clear on the when, where, why and how much when dealing with public issues,” he said.

“Optimistically, we can operate as a collegial body, agreeing to disagree sometimes and yet remaining civil towards each other for the overall benefit of our parish. However, I was not elected just to ‘go along to get along.’ I believe one of my responsibilities as a councilman is to ask those tough questions so that we may all be fully informed on the issues.”