Eight swimmers from Livingston Parish brought home medals from the statewide Special Olympics State Fall Classic in Lafayette on Oct. 17.

The athletes are members of the Capital Area Special Olympics Swim Team that earned 43 gold medals, 15 silver and 8 bronze, plus two fifth-place ribbons.

Livingston Parish swimmers included Dakota Flauss, Dalton Flauss and Josiah Ringuette, from Walker; and Christel Dugas, Brittney Harvey, Christopher Ballard, Juliette Mckell and Meghan Burns, from Denham Springs

Team results included:

4x25 medley relay boys: Ballard, Donnie Guillory, Patrick Black and Dalton Flauss; gold.

4x25 medley relay girls: Sinclair Cotter, Harvey, Rose Garrett and Ashley Reno; gold.

4x25 free relay girls: Dugas, Marissa Segura, Grace Bourgoyne and Mikell, gold.

4x25 mixed freestyle relay: Burns, Randi Babin, Wiley Middendorf and Kathryn Sisson, gold.

25-meter backstroke female: Juliette Mikell, gold; and Bourgoyne, silver

25-meter backstroke male: Dalton Flauss, gold; and Mittendorf, gold.

50-meter breaststroke female: Harvey, Bourgoyne, Ashley Reno, Segura and Sinclair Cotter, each won gold in their division.

50-meter breast stroke male: Will Johannessen, gold; Ballard, silver; Donnie Guillory, gold; and Patrick Black, silver.

25-meter freestyle female: Babin, gold; Mikell, gold; Dugas, silver; Burns, gold; and Sisson, bronze.

25-meter freestyle male: Ringuette, gold; Dalton Flauss, gold; Dakota Flauss, silver; Beau Bowie, gold; Wiley Middendorf; gold; and Andrew Beckwith, gold.

50-meter backstroke female: Sinclair Cotter, Ashley Reno and Segura, each won gold in their division.

50-meter backstroke male: Greg Gross, gold; Dalton Flauss; gold; and Andrew Beckwith, silver.

15-meter flotation female: Alise Gros, gold.

50-meter freestyle female: Babin, gold; Mikell, silver; Dugas, silver; Bourgoyne, silver; Burns, fifth; Segura, bronze; Ashley Reno, silver; Cotter, gold; and Kathryn Sisson, bronze.

50-meter freestyle male: Will Johannessen, gold; Ringuette, gold; Donnie Guillory, gold; Dakota Flauss, bronze; Patrick Black, gold; Beau Bowie, silver; Andrew Beckwith, bronze; and Wiley Mittendorf, gold.

100-meter backstroke male: Greg Gross, gold

200-meter backstroke male: Gross, gold

25-meter flotation: Alise Gros, silver

50-meter butterfly male: Will Johannessen, gold; Black, gold; and Guillory, bronze

100 individual medley female: Brittney Harvey, gold; and Rose Garrett, bronze

100 individual medley male: Ballard, gold

100-meter freestyle female: Harvey, silver; Rose Garrett, fifth; and Christel Dugas, gold

100-meter freestyle male: Ballard, gold

4x25 unified free relay: team made up of Special Olympians and siblings, Josiah Ringuette, Alex Ringuette, Will Johannessen and Nicholas Johannessen, silver.

4x25 unified free relay: team made up of Special Olympians and siblings or peers, Andrew Beckwith, Kirby Black, Dakota Flauss and Beau Bowie, bronze.

Capital City team members Kory Efferson, Brennan Betts and Brandon Wilson were unable to compete.