The Louisiana Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving named Rep. Sherman Mack, R-Albany, as their 2014 Louisiana House of Representatives Legislator of the Year last month.

“This is a true honor to be recognized by a group that has worked tirelessly to eliminate drunk driving, advance the rights of drunk-driving victims and prevent underage drinking,” Mack said.

Mack is one of 81 legislators in the United States to be honored with the National Legislative Champion Award, a news release from Mack said.

“MADD graciously thanks Rep. Mack and the other lawmakers around the country who authored and helped advance legislation central to MADDs mission of eliminating drunk driving, serving victims and preventing underage drinking,” MADD National President Jan Withers said. “To these lawmakers who worked tirelessly to protect our families from drunk drivers and to help protect our young people from underage drinking, we are forever grateful.”

Mack delivered on a campaign promise for stronger DWI laws when his House Bill 47 passed the Louisiana Senate by a 33-3 vote, the release said.

This legislation mandates 30 days in jail for a motorist who is convicted of two driving while intoxicated offenses in one year.

Mack said this bill was especially personal for him.

The tougher DWI law is called the “Ken Frahm Law,” Mack said.

“This bill had a special meaning to me. My good friend Ken Frahm was killed as a result of a drunk driver,” Mack said. “Ken was one of my best friends and this will ensure his memory lives on.”

Mack said he hopes the new law, along with the work of MADD, will save lives and spare other families and friends in Louisiana from the devastating loss caused by a drunken driver.