Class tastes apple treat to immerse in Dust Bowl _lowres

Photo provided by CAROLYN BANKSTON -- Preparing apple pandowdy this month at North Corbin Junior High School, first row from left, are Maddison Oakes, teacher Carolyn Bankston and Nathan Neale; and second row, Seth Allen, Jax Corkern, Luke Ferachi, Maycie Helton and Abby Boice.

After reading the historical fiction novel “Out of the Dust,” sixth-grade students in Carolyn Bankston’s gifted class at North Corbin Junior High in Walker indulged in a pan of apple pandowdy, Bankston said in a news release.

The book takes place in the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. In the novel, the teacher receives some sugar after the government had broke up a still, the release said. The teacher made cakes, pies, cookies, candy, taffy and apple pandowdy for the students.

To help identify with the story, the students used textual evidence, explicit examples, close reading and collegial discussions — all common core terms — to learn about pandowdy, Bankston said.

“What a delicious way to prepare for testing,” Bankston said.

“Best food ever,” said student Abby Boice.

“It was simply amazing,” added student Luke Ferachi.

“While reading the novel, we weren’t sure what apple pandowdy was,” one student said. “We looked up a recipe for how to prepare it. Ms. Bankston cooked it for us, and it was good.”

“One of the few sweet things that the children had during the Dust Bowl was apple pandowdy,” another student said. “Ms. Bankston wanted this to be an interactive experience for us, so she made a pan of apple pandowdy for our class.”