Southeastern Louisiana University’s graduate counseling program is the first program in the state to use a specialized technology in its research and student training, a press release from the university said.

The play analyzer software program, funded by a Louisiana Board of Regents grant totaling $71,340, will allow faculty supervisors in the Department of Counseling and Human Development to monitor and record live video sessions of students in practice, Reshelle Marino, assistant professor of counseling and principal grant investigator, said.

Master’s level students enrolled in the practicum and internship courses for school counseling, clinical mental health, or marriage and family tracks will participate in research. Each student will receive their own laptop, software program, camcorder, tripod, and SD card reader, the release said.

“The system will assist our research process by providing more accurate and efficient access to clinical data and video examples, allowing supervisors to provide faster corrective measures for treatment and student training,” Marino said. “There are only 12 accredited counseling programs in Louisiana, and we are the first and only program to utilize this technology.”

Marino said that as a requirement for graduation, counseling graduate students must perform 700 hours of supervised field experience in their respective graduate tracks.

“In addition to faculty using the technology to develop training material, using the technology for the required 700 field experience hours will enhance the experience for graduate students and allow them to be highly competitive in today’s workforce,” she said.

For information about the grant, contact Marino at (985) 549-5928.